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Environmental Alarms

Environmental alarms alert you to changing conditions that might affect valuable equipment or assets. These alarms can warn you if conditions are too hot, cold, dry, or wet. Environmental alarms give you peace of mind.

If you are on vacation or away from your home or office, and your furnace breaks, water pipe bursts, or refrigeration fails, you will be able to catch it before it becomes a major disaster. Protect your home and business against costly losses.

Types of Environmental Alarms

High & Low-Temperature Alarms

Monitor cold storage, computer rooms, freezers, or any other space where maintaining the correct temperature is crucial. Whether it’s a walk-in cooler or an orchid nursery, an environmental alarm can tell you immediately if the temperature is entering the danger zone. Protect your valuable heat-sensitive assets.

Humidity Alarms

Particularly useful for greenhouses and storage areas, you can monitor humidity to ensure your space doesn’t get too dry or humid. These environmental alarms are great for living areas if people or pets are sensitive to dry or humid air. Keep an eye on environments that require an exact humidity level with our humidity alarms.

Water Level Alarms

Protect against costly flooding and water damage. You’ll get an alert if the water reaches a certain level. Great for basements, foundations, and areas with water-sensitive materials. These environmental alarms could save you a fortune in the case of a flood.

Remote Monitoring

Remote monitoring from Central Security lets you keep an eye on conditions no matter where you are. If an environmental alarm is triggered, you receive an alert. Then, you can take the appropriate action.

For example, if your basement floods or your restaurant’s walk-in cooler fails at 11 PM, you are notified. You can work on getting it fixed immediately, instead of walking into a flooded basement or a cooler of spoiled food the next day.

With remote monitoring, you can get alerts anywhere. You can’t be everywhere at once. It’s nice to know you have a state of the art environmental alarm from Central Security protecting your home or business.

Free Site Survey & Estimate

Central Security will come to your home or business to design the perfect system for your needs and budget. You’ll get an assessment of your space and an estimate on what it will cost to install. Have Central Security tailor an environmental alarm system for you today.

Give yourself peace of mind. Breathe easy with environmental alarm systems from Central Security. Contact us for a free estimate today.

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