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Video Surveillance

Central Security offers state of the art video surveillance systems for your home or business. Our security pros will help you pick the system that is perfect for you.

Commercial Video Surveillance Systems

A professional video surveillance system from Central Security can improve your business in many ways:
-Cost effectiveness
-Reduce loss and vandalism
-Improve productivity
Video systems are cost effective because they can pay for themselves quickly as you prevent loss and damage, monitor your business when you are away, and improve productivity. Video surveillance can also provide crucial evidence in the case of injury, assault, or lawsuit. That slip and fall scammer doesn’t want you to have a video in court. Everyone is on their best behavior when they know they are on camera!

Residential Video Surveillance Systems

Your home is your castle, and what better way to protect it than to have around the clock video surveillance? Deter thieves and vandals, and keep honest people honest with our versatile systems. If anything does happen, nothing is more valuable than video evidence. Catch that neighbor stealing your paper, or help police catch a serial burglar. It’s hard to argue with photographic evidence. Wherever you live, protect your house with video monitoring.

Hidden Cameras vs. Visible

Central Security can pick the right video system for your situation. If your goal is to catch a neighbor or employee whom you suspect, hidden cameras may be the way to go. If your main goal is to deter vandalism,etc., then visible cameras would be right for you. The experts at Central can guide you through the process, and pick the right video surveillance system for you.

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Being able to see what is going on in your home or business with your own eyes is worth more than anyone’s assurance that things are fine. Judge for yourself if everything is fine. If it’s not, you can take immediate action. They say there are three sides to every story. With video surveillance, you will know the truth.

Free Site Survey & Estimate

Central Security will come to your home or business and design the perfect system for your needs and budget. You’ll get an assessment of your space, and a free estimate on what it will cost to install. Have Central Security tailor a video surveillance system for you today!

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