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Security Systems

There is no better feeling than knowing you are safe.  Get that feeling around the clock with a security system from Central Security.

Commercial Security Systems

Commercial security systems do more than just give you peace of mind, they are a great tool to prevent loss and increase profit. Commercial security systems can prevent theft and vandalism, keep your employees safe, improve efficiency at your office, provide irrefutable time stamp and video evidence, and allow you to monitor your facility from anywhere. Theft, trespassing, and frivolous lawsuits could cost you money. Cameras, access codes, and detectors can protect you, your customers and your employees.

Home Security Systems

Everyone wants to be secure in their home. Our most precious possessions are all there. Our property, our valuables, and most importantly, our family. Central Security systems provide the level of security you need. Video surveillance, door and window alarms, remote monitoring, as well as fire and water alarms, are all available.

Types of Systems

Central Security features security systems by Honeywell. Top brands installed by trained technicians. We have many security tools to offer. We have video surveillance, door and window alarms, access controls, as well as fire and environmental alarms. Central Security will help you choose the right tools to make the ideal security system for your needs. With Central Security, you will get a tailored system that fits all your goals.

Affordable Security Systems

Central Security systems can pay for themselves by reducing theft, vandalism, fire and water damage, and giving you the peace of mind that your loved ones and possessions are secure. There is a system for every budget. Depending on your needs, Central Security can tailor a system to suit you. Whether you want video surveillance at your house, or whether you are protecting a multi-million dollar facility, Central Security can custom design a system that’s right for you.

Remote Monitoring

All of our systems are monitored by a UL certified central station. As well as that, you can get mobile monitoring also. Keep an eye on your assets no matter where you are. You can view video feeds and get alerts from alarms. Always be in touch with your security system. In a society which is increasingly on the go, being in control wherever you are is invaluable.

Free Site Survey & Estimate

Central Security will come to your home or business and design the perfect system for your needs and budget.  You’ll get an assessment of your space, and a free estimate on what it will cost to install.  Have Central Security tailor a security system for you today!

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