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Fire Alarms

Everyone has heard horror stories about costly fires that could have been detected and nipped in the bud with a fire alarm. Don’t let that story be about you. Central Security can install and maintain state of the art fire alarm systems to keep you, your family, and your customers, safe.

Early Detection

Home or business, fire alarms are a crucial tool in catching fires before they become disasters. A fire alarm system is the first line of defense against fire damage. Early detection is the best way to keep a small fire from becoming a raging inferno. Whether it’s your family at home, or customers and employees at your business, you need to keep everyone safe. Central Security has fire alarm systems for every environment and budget.

Trusted Brands Of Fire Alarms

At Central Security, we carry fire alarm systems by Honeywell, Firelite and Silent Knight. We only install the most trusted brands of fire detection systems. All of our systems are installed by trained technicians, and monitored by a UL certified central station.

CO2 & Gas Detection Alarms

Fire isn’t the only danger. Central Security has full range detectors that can alert you to dangers like CO2 or gas in the air. Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it isn’t harmful. Keep everyone safe from the dangers lurking out there. We also carry low temperature sensors, which warn you against freezing

Mobile Alerts

You can link your fire alarm to your remote monitoring, and get mobile alerts if there is an alarm. Always know if something is wrong as soon as possible. Wherever you are, you know that your property is set up for quick detection of fire.

Peace of Mind

The peace of mind that comes from knowing your family, friends, and employees are protected is wonderful. Hopefully you will never be affected by a fire…… but just in case, get a fire alarm system from Central Security!

Free Site Survey & Estimate

Central Security will come to your home or business and design the perfect system for your needs and budget. You’ll get an assessment of your space, and a free estimate on what it will cost to install. Have Central Security tailor a fire alarm system for you today.

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